Hello. My name is Louis.

I say “my story”, but really, it’s our story. Elizma’s and mine.

I am one of the lucky ones, I got to marry my varsity sweetheart, you see. We’ve been married for ten years now. That’s her in the picture next to me. And our two year old little girl, Elke. But there was a time when there was almost never an Elke. A time when Elizma and I almost didn’t make it.

After our first two years of marriage, we’d started our professional careers, and somewhere along the way, we lost each other. Somehow, it felt like we had outgrown each other, and we lived in a perpetual state of disconnection and hurt. We couldn’t understand it, because we thought love was for ever. But there we were. Strangers in a marriage.

We knew we wanted to make it work, we knew we belonged with each other. But we didn’t know how to love each other in this new space. So we looked for help. It wasn’t easy. We felt really vulnerable and didn’t know where to start. We also felt helpless, powerless on our own, and desprately wanted someone to help us understand what was going on, to reconnect.

It didn’t take us long to realise that there was very little help out there. Traditional counselling sessions were short and sporadic, many of them were happy to simple guide us toward a divorce, and none of them were prepared to go to the depths we wanted.

And then one day, by sheer chance, we were invited to attend an Imago Therapy workshop. This was all new to us and we were introduced to an amazing Imago therapist who journeyed with us to a new place of connection and intimacy. We had such an powerful experience, it changed our lives for ever.

It was then that I decided to give my live to couples counselling.

For the last nine years, I have been practicing as a marriage counselor and therapist, and it has been my greatest joy to see countless marriages and “impossible” situations restored to childlike wholeness.


Clinical Imago Therapist (Imago International)
Enneagram Therapist (Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition)
Spiritual Director (Centre for Spirituality; University of Pretoria)
MTh – Theology and Pastoral care (University of Pretoria)


I am passionate about helping couples in a vulnerable space to find good professional help and to experience love and connection again in their relationship. My approach is focused on restoring connection as quickly as possible. Traditional counselling can often drag out the process of change. And while I wholly believe that restoration is a process that takes time and commitment, sometimes couples in dire circumstances need an intensive and immediate intervention that propels them out of unhealthy patterns. I focus on the encounter of two souls that meet essence to essence, in a relational paradigm that is about interdependence, not self-sufficiency.

And I believe that it is your privilege to love each other into wholeness.

Below is a short little video that will tell you a little bit more about me and what we do at Couples Help.

Louis Venter, Founder, Couples Help

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MTh – Theology and Pastoral care
Clinical Imago Therapist | Enneagram Therapist
Spiritual Director, Centre for Spirituality; University of Pretoria


Mosaiek Wholeness Centre, Daniellestraat 1, Fairland 2030, Postbox 1658, Gauteng, Suid-Afrika