Baby Ready – what to expect when you’re expecting

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is the best news many of us will ever hear, and there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of starting a family and bringing a child into the world together. At the same time, you need to prepare for how this will change your marriage and your relationship with each other, and I am here to help you prepare to create a space in your relationship for the new arrival whilst still maintaining your intimacy and connection with each other with Imago Therapy-based pregnancy counselling.

Bringing a child into your lives will see you both enter a state of vulnerability in your relationship and present a number of new challenges, but pregnancy counselling influenced by Imago Therapy will allow you to build and maintain regular connection rhythms as a couple and develop a deeper level of intimacy than ever before.

Family counselling to adjust to your new arrival

Pregnancy should be one of the happiest and exciting times of your life, but by trying to make sense of this new process, you can feel a deep disconnection and hurt in the process. I offer relationship counselling specifically catered for the anticipation of a new addition to your family, giving you the emotional tools you both need to maintain a deep, loving and intimate connection once your baby has arrived.

When I work with you for Imago pregnancy counselling, we will focus on rebuilding and solidifying your connection without rushing the process to give you a strong and stable foundation to face child-rearing together.

Discover the joy of family life together

My relationship counselling will focus on the interdependence you and your spouse need to create a whole family unit that will be united for your child and for each other. Just because you’re starting a family, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your romantic connection with each other.

My fees are:

  • 3-hour session: R2 700

  • Two-day intensive session: R14 000

  • Three-day session: R21 000

Of course, inviting someone in to help you in your relationship takes a lot of trust. If you want like to talk to me and find out more about how I can help you approach this next stage in marriage, simply call me on +27 (0)79 511 9501 or email today.

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