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The how-to on compromise in relationships

Compromise in a relationship is probably one of the hardest parts of being in one. How much is too much? What can you and what can't you compromise? Those questions will come up many times in the life of your relationship.

Is jealousy just a normal part of relationships?

All of us have found ourselves feeling jealous at some point in our relationships; is that just a normal part of being in love? When is it too severe, and how do we overcome it?

Emotional Unavailability

Some people struggle to show emotion in relationships, find it difficult to be intimate, are always just a little off, or don't want to share their thoughts and feelings.

GBV and Abuse

Join the discussion with Louis Venter @ Coupleshelp on the topic of gender-based violence and emotional abuse.

South Africa: Love in the age of Coronavirus: How to be a better partner during lockdown

Global lockdown has had a number of unintended consequences, not least of which has been the rise in rapidly accelerating relationships. Millions of couples around the world have either moved in together or have spent more time together than they ever have done before.  But how do you cope? How does anyone cope? Questions like […]

Marriage Under Lockdown

Lockdown is placing everyone's relationships under new strain, if you are a part of a married couple or serious relationship now living together and feel like you need help then Louis Venter is here to share with you what he's learned.

Couples Help on Forever And Always with Michelle Lima

Elizma and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Michelle Lima on the Forever And Always show on GauTV. We were invited to share our marriage story; our challenges and journey to intimacy and connection.

Facts about Sex

Have you ever wanted to know why relationships are so complicated? What we can do to make things better? We explore the science behind sex. Read our guide now.