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Show Up

It is important that we be there for our partners. Simply showing up can make a big difference.

When Is Counselling Needed and How Can a Relationship Be Saved?

Marriage is a romantic act of union between two loved ones designed to last forever. So it can be tough when it feels like a marriage is not working out. But there is no such thing as the perfect marriage — even the most suitable couples will argue every now and then. But sometimes this conflict can increase to a point where it seems unmanageable.

Move on from your break-up so you don’t move on from your job

For those who have experienced it, break-ups can be difficult to deal with. Not all romances gone sour play out like Beyoncé’s Lemonade. However, some of the hard feelings can creep up on you in the workplace, so how do you cope with a break-up without slacking off?

Spouse and Lover – how do I choose?

A podcast helping couples to have the conversations they should have, helping them to live in connection, intimacy and deep love. How do I choose, marriage or affair? We will explore: What happens to us in the affair? What is erotic energy in the affair? Who am I in the affair? What to do next […]

What is an affair?

What are the markers of infidelity? I explore – Secrecy, Erotic energy, and Emotional connection.

Spontaneity and Sex in Marriage

Welcome to the Art of Loving – a Coupleshelp podcast. Our topic today is spontaneity and sex in marriage, it is my lifes passion to see marriages restored.

What are the most common causes of communication breakdown in a relationship?

Communication problems can manifest themselves at any time in a relationship and can appear for any number of reasons. They can be so minor that you may not notice them but, if left unchecked, can cause irreparable damage to the fabric of a relationship.