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Do Healthy Relationships Need Couples Counselling Too?

You may feel that your current relationship is healthy, and indeed the idea of even entering couples’ therapy at all may be insulting to one or more parties within a relationship.

5 great physical exercises which can help your relationship

We are all aware of the benefits of proper exercise for our physical and mental health. There’s less discussion on how exercise, fitness and sports can also benefit our relationships with our partners and significant others. For example, studies have shown that married couples who exercise together are more likely to be satisfied in their relationship. There are  several reasons for this.

The painful cycle of unrequited love

Many of us have experienced unrequited love at some point in our lives whether it’s a school crush, colleague, neighbour or close friend.  While,  some of us move on from the experience and look back on it with negative and positive emotions, others become addicted to the the act of pursuing people who don’t love them back.

Couples Help on Real talk with Anele

Is there hope in the hurt of disconnection and pain in a relationship? Is there a way out of the confusion of divorce?

What to do before you say ‘I do’

Ask people who’ve been married for decades, who’ve remained together through the “in love” phase, the years of raising a family, and are now settling into their dotage, and they’ll no doubt agree with Nietzsche’s observation.