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Being a good boss is about so much more than just getting the work done. It is about establishing connections with peers; building trust, and earning the respect of your co-workers. It is perhaps unsurprising that “an unfavourable boss” is one of the top-cited causes of unhappiness and absences among employees, a fact that is made worse by the realisation that most bosses want to appear favourable and to be liked.

Building a strong rapport in a business requires the mastering and implementation of clear person-to-person skills and goes far beyond on-paper qualifications for the position. Our business coaching sessions offer a personalised approach to meeting today’s challenges and can help you to:

  • Learn to manage a team positively and productively. This is a question of chemistry. Establish the right chemistry, and you’ll learn how to identify and utilise the strengths of your co-workers and become an “excellent leader”.
  • Help you to reach your personal goals, and grow as a businessman.
  • Refine your talents and guide your decisions.
  • Help you to put strategies in place with a unique “outsider” perspective.

A business coach is like a personal trainer for the mind

A major problem we have found with business leaders is that they fear that others do not like them. This can make a business person anxious, which can even cause a downward self-fulfilling prophecy. Like a personal trainer assesses your core strength, our business coaching sessions help you to locate your strengths and weaknesses, and locate internal pain points.

It is normal to harbour apprehensions. Sometimes these doubts can stop us from achieving our true potential. Together we can break through the apprehension, and start anew.

Coaching and mentoring is a great way to keep your employees committed to your company

Not only is a happy employee a hard-working one, but they are also more likely to stick around and master their roles. This can all help a business to increase its profits, time management skills, marketing sales, and business planning.

Let us work out who you want to be, where you are in relation to your co-workers, and how to reach your full potential. You owe it to yourself.

Add pleasure and productivity to your business

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