Relationship Counselling in Johannesburg

You’re doing okay, but you wonder if you could be better. You lock horns every now and again, and there are things that trigger unhealthy responses. You just need some tools to help you have better conversations and find each other again. That’s okay, we can have a single session, and delve into your needs. At the end of a session, we’ll chat about where you are at and if you need follow up sessions.

Each session is three hours long, to give us the time and space to fully engage.


2-hour session – R1,800/-

3-hour session – R2,700/-

Here at Couples Help, we don’t believe that you have to be on the verge of separation before seeking relationship counselling. No matter whether your relationship is old or new, strong or encountering issues, our relationship counselling in Johannesburg is designed to provide you and your partner with the tools you need to have better conversations and find each other again. With the help of Couples Help, you’ll unlearn unhealthy responses and triggering them in your partner.

We also understand that sometimes you need some time where we delve into your needs, and our single relationship counselling sessions are designed to help you reflect on your relationship.

Our relationship counselling in Johannesburg will help your marriage

How our relationship counselling service will help you depends on what you’re expecting to get from it, but you will find that you almost always leave your session feeling some sort of positive progress has been made.

Some couples come to us hoping to generally transform their relationships, and some want to focus on a specific issue. Either way, at Couples Help, we’ll work with you to explore your relationship, and help you to identify actions you can take to achieve your goals for the relationship.

By talking to someone removed from the intimacy of your relationship, you can gain a greater understanding of what you need to do as a couple to move forward together.

Why choose Couples Help for your relationship counselling Johannesburg?

Using Imago Therapy, Couples Help will help your journey to a new level of intimacy and connection to each other. If you’ve felt vulnerable, helpless and pushed to divorce by other therapists, Couples Help is here to assist you in your efforts to reconnect and make a success of your relationship.

Whilst we understand that regaining a connection takes time, it’s our mission to help you reconnect in a short amount of time. There’s nothing we’re more passionate about at Couples Help than helping couples to save and restore their marriages through Imago-based relationship counselling.

For more information about our relationship counselling in Johannesburg, and to find out what Couples Help can do for you, simply give us a call on +27 (0)79 511 9501 or send an email to today.

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