In the safety and comfort of your own home, you can still benefit from a confidential and personal online therapy session. Marriage counselling via Skype or telephone is no different than a regular appointment. In our sessions, you will learn to:

Communicate effectively

Listen empathetically

Connect with each other, and stay connected during conflict

Talk about both yours and your partner’s beliefs and pain

Take responsibility for your own self-development

Discover your relationship’s opportunity to grow

The world is struggling, yet it still turns. Your own challenges are no less important, and through our online couples therapy sessions, we can work together to bring you together.


To book an appointment, please use the online booking form. In the comments, please specify if you would prefer either:

Couples therapy over the phone
Couples therapy via Skype

Together, we will strengthen our bonds.

Getting Prepared

The Art of Loving Workshop

The Art of Loving is a one day, 10-hour group workshop designed to enlighten couples, share knowledge and create meaningful encounters that will help them grow in a short space of time, without breaking the bank or using up valuable leave days.

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Pre-Marriage Counselling

So you’re not married yet, but there’s nothing like starting strong. On a solid foundation of deep connection and wholeness. Or if you know someone who’s getting married soon, what better gift than to equip them for a strong and beautiful forever-after story.

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Baby Ready Workshop

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is the best news many of us will ever hear, and there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of starting a family and bringing a child into the world together. At the same time, you need to prepare for how this will change your marriage and your relationship with each other, and I am here to help you.

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The Path to Healing

Repair after Affair

Affairs can have a traumatic effect on a relationship, so it is essential to deal with this trauma fast. Trauma counselling is all about asking the right questions, at the right time, and encouraging healthier, happier dialogue. It is also about establishing what we call 'rhythms of connection.'

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Marriage Restoration Intensives

These intensives are not for the faint of heart, but they will change your lives forever. We don’t say that lightly. It takes courage and vulnerability to fight for your marriage and your hearts. The couples who come to these intensives are often at the end of their rope, and feel like they have nothing left to give. But we’ve watched impossible situations turned upside down, and right side up.

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Further in Love

Good to Great

So you have a good marriage. Make it GREAT. Good to Great couple's workshops are created to solidify strong, long-term relationships by bringing back the exciting times of a new relationship.

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You’re doing okay, but you wonder if you could be better. You lock horns every now and again, and there are things that trigger unhealthy responses. You just need some tools to help you have better conversations and find each other again. That’s okay, we can have a single session, and delve into your needs. At the end of a session, we’ll chat about where you are at and if you need follow up sessions.

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Sex & Sensuality

Over time, many couples find that their intimacy and ‘spark’ wanes away, especially after several years of marriage. My sex therapy for couples will help you to identify and work with the challenges in the intimate aspect of your relationship to unlock your full sexual potential with each other. Intimacy therapy will also lead to a more fulfilling relationship in other areas.

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