Our Individual workshops can help you discover who you are, learn strengths you never knew existed, and help you move to a better stage in life.

There are lots of complicated subjects in our everyday lives that we wouldn’t dream of attempting without outside help — so why do we expect life to be any different? Your experience throughout your life is, without a doubt, the most difficult thing you will ever face. It is only natural that we look to others for guidance and advice from time to time.

A lot of the steps that we can do to improve our lives are not obvious. They are not obstacles that can be dealt with with common sense. We have to learn them from those who have spent decades of time researching and understanding them. That’s where our individual workshops come in. We run two types of workshop.

Our life coaching and mentorship workshop focuses on personal developments. Through careful, established dialogue, we can learn what got you into your current position, and how to break through the barriers if you are unhappy. Life coaching is great if you find yourself “stuck” in a comfort zone, and are willing to make big personal changes.

The I-Help Individual Therapy that we do is specifically there to help individuals who are struggling during or post-divorce. Divorce can be traumatic, but the trauma is not forever. These specially-designated I-Help sessions will replace trauma with optimism. We talk to a lot of individuals looking to improve their circumstances, or who are recovering from a sense of loss.

What is important is to remember that now is not forever. There is a future, and it is better. We can help you get there.

Open up a new positive future

Life Coaching & Mentorship

Louis Venter is one of the most sought-after life coaches in South Africa. Over the past 12 years he has assisted clients from all walks of life to move from a place of stagnation to one of growth, reigniting the energy and drive needed to reach their full potential.

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i-Help Individual Therapy

Signing your divorce papers forces you into an unknown space. A vulnerable space in which you’re discovering a whole new identity, dreaming new dreams, finding new rhythms, making sense of hurt and learning to trust people and the world again. You may be navigating your fears of single parenthood, or your loneliness at being apart from your children.

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