Marriage Counselling in South Africa

Our marriage counselling sessions help to repair broken relationships and support people through the most challenging situations. If you feel like you are coming to the end of your marriage, we will support you in finding your love for one another once again. It is never too late to fix your relationship and over time you will grow together as a couple. Couples Help has supported many couples through the most difficult situations and helped them to reconnect fully. We can do the same for you. Prior to your sessions, you could meet with your counselor for a free consultation. This will provide you with a full understanding of what to expect and so your counselor can learn more about your relationship.

What to expect from our marriage counselling service

The therapy aims to create an in-depth understanding of relationships, an understanding of self, how to effectively communicate with one another and how to look beyond blame and shame. Your therapy sessions will be conducted in a private environment, free from judgment and guilt. Instead, we will work through your issues together, in harmony and fix what was seemingly impossible.

We will begin together with a welcoming introduction and a relationship evaluation session, which will help to identify and accept the problems in the relationship. Together with your counselor, you will learn the true art of connection and contact with your partner. Our clients report that this is one of the most beneficial and satisfying aspects of the therapy sessions. It will teach you how to reconnect fully and how to talk openly and honestly with each other. After lunch, we will conduct a personality analysis which will deepen your understanding of one another. Couples who have been in long marriages admit that this helps them to learn things about themselves and their partner which they had never realized before. Sex is an important aspect of any marriage, so you will undergo a sexual journey together in an intimate setting, which will further help you to end your feelings of separation.

Your counselor will be Louis Venter, who works as a clinical intensive relationship therapist. He has reconnected couples all over South Africa. Our sessions can last two or three successive days, depending on your preferences and requirements. We will identify the most beneficial course of treatment for you during your free marriage consultation.

Couples Therapy schedule and fees

The schedule for the counselling sessions will typically run from 9am until 6pm. Although we do offer counselling sessions during the weekend, we recommend that you book time off work so that time can be spent entirely on yourself and your partner, rather than on family or work-related commitments. Your counselor will be able to help you at your home, anywhere in South Africa.


– 2 days –R14 000/-

– 3 days –R21 000/-

– 3 hour session R2700/-

Book a free counselling consultation

Couples Help understand that the decision to start marriage counselling therapy isn’t easy. We can offer you a free initial consultation where we can meet and talk through the therapy and your current situation in detail and privacy. To arrange this free consultation, contact us via phone on +27 (0)79 511 9501 or email

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