Healing therapy for individuals going through a breakup, or after a divorce

Signing your divorce papers forces you into an unknown space. A vulnerable space in which you’re discovering a whole new identity, dreaming new dreams, finding new rhythms, making sense of hurt and learning to trust people and the world again. You may be navigating your fears of single parenthood, or your loneliness at being apart from your children.

Remember the pain is not forever, and we will be there for you at the most trying times

No matter how hurtful your marriage has been, divorce is more often than not hugely traumatic. The essence of divorce is loss. Becoming separated can plunge you into anger, frustration, disbelief, denial, uncertainty, depression and despair.

I’m here to tell you there is life after divorce. And I can help you get there.

I journey with individuals living with the pain of divorce, and work closely with those who have yet to go through the whole process.

I would like to walk with you on this unknown path to integration. Together we can make sense of what happened, open you up for forgiveness and a new future, and help you become the best parent you can be. Become more integrated and ‘relationship wise’ after the trauma of divorce.

I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. I’ll journey with you through each step of your recovery, so that you can begin to feel whole again.

For more information on our i-Help individual therapy and how Couples Help can help you on your journey through divorce, email louis@coupleshelp.co.za today.


Nothing could have ever prepared me for the reality of getting a divorce. When my wife left me for a third party I have never in my life experienced more sorrow, loneliness, a feeling of total rejection and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. Reality struck sitting on my bed looking at my ex-wife’s empty cupboard the day she left. My “purpose for living”, the love of my life and my children was gone. I was a broken man and so alone.  And then the realisation that you must be strong for your two beautiful children who deserved none of the heartbreak that is part and parcel of any breakup.

Louis helped me to accept what is, with compassion and true empathy for my situation. The importance of a new civil and respectable relationship with my ex-wife, for the sake of our children. But most important he gave me new perspective on life and my perceived reality. That I am “good enough” I am “not alone” but loved by so many people. He helped me identify my biggest fears worked on my self-believe and made me realise that I have lost myself, my needs and voice in my marriage.

Today, fourteen months later, I live with more aliveness, happiness and self-confidence than in a very long time. Furthermore, my relationship and connection with my children has never been better. Thank you, can never describe how grateful I am towards Louis for his influence in helping me to change my life.


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