Show up. Two partners being there for each other.

Show Up.

 Every day at 12 pm I picked up my little girl from her school.

She is three years old and the most beautiful little thing.
Every day when I arrive, I see her little face light up with excitement, anticipation and a deep longing to be close to me.
And when I answer her excitement with arms open, inviting her to jump she screams with excitement and asks me “Did you come to get me?”.

And I answer, “I did, I am here.”

Our deepest need and longing is for someone to come and get us. 
The excitement when we fall in love is because we realize someone showed up.
The excitement on our wedding day is because we realized that someone showed up.

The tragedy of marriage is that we, over time, stop showing up for our partners. For couples to live in deep intimacy and connection, they need to re-learn the art of showing up with aliveness.

At CouplesHelp I journey with couples through an Intensive Restoration process, to reconnect and show up with aliveness. In my experience, if couples relearn this art, a lot of the pain and hurt disappears.

To show up is to love.

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